We have loved all
of the results,
and she always kept
in our budget.
Most importantly,
it has always been a
pleasure working
with Caroline.
She has become
more of a friend
over the past 5 years,
and we trust her
Kate & David
Sandy & Matt Caroline was amazing in helping me complete all of these projects! I gave her my thoughts for each of the projects and we discussed plans for each room and she executed perfectly. She always considered my needs -such as my need for kid friendly items that can endure wear and tear! She was always available and responsive to my emails and calls and welcomed my opinions and input. My husband and I are thrilled with the results of all our projects and we highly recommend Caroline!
Caroline is a pleasure to work with! I enjoyed our meetings and found her to be efficient and helpful. She was receptive to my feedback and I felt at ease collaborating with her freely. My husband and I both have a strong sense of personal style but we certainly benefited from collaborating with an experienced designer to work through questions and consider all our options more thoroughly. Caroline is very easy to work with and we had such fun together over the course of my project! Nicola & Jeremy
I was recommended to Caroline Kopp by a well-connected friend. I had a clear vision of what I wanted for each room and Caroline worked diligently to assist me with anything that I needed. Caroline is quite practical and she gave me personalized service tailored to my needs. Caroline welcomed my input at each step and supported me in expressing my vision for this new chapter of my life. The transformation of my home was quite dramatic and I now live in a beautiful and serene home that expresses my style and taste. Laura
Caroline was referred to me from a friend and I immediately found her easy to talk to -- she is professional and also fun and friendly. I loved how generous she was in sharing information with me so that we could save money and do some of the work ourselves. Caroline is the rare designer who has the best credentials (prestigious education and resume) and is also down to earth and collaborative. I could not recommend her more highly. Elizabeth