One-Time Consultation

For the client who loves the satisfaction of doing a project on their own, a one-time meeting is an excellent way to refine one’s plan and define priorities. During a 90 minute design meeting Caroline Kopp will personally launch the project by working with the client to create a complete overview of the scope and mandate. During the meeting Caroline Kopp addresses design and strategy questions with the client and efficiently determines their needs. This meeting may cover the following: selection of paint colors, furniture layouts, window covering styles, design of built ins, suggestions of furniture and lighting to purchase, as well as recommended retailers for the project. At the end of this meeting the client will have a written scope of work as well as specific action steps to put into motion each piece. Some DIY clients find it helpful to set up a follow-up meeting after part of their work has been completed to regroup and go over the decisions that may arise in the course of a project.